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4 Leadership Quotes That Push You to be Better

At ConantLeadership, we like to reiterate the importance of learning and growth. A commitment to inquiry, through a regular practice of learning from other leadership thinkers, can be among our greatest allies as we forge ahead on our leadership journey. After all, mastery requires hard work — both through practice and through study. The ‘study’ component comes through the voracious pursuit of knowledge, by listening to interviews, devouring leadership books, reading transcripts of speeches, watching movies about great leaders, and reading the online contributions of our contemporaries in their blogs, journals and articles. In the fall, we celebrated 4 incredibly succinct and insightful leadership quotes to help you in your pursuit of excellence.

Mastery requires hard work.

Now, in a similar spirit, we offer to you 4 call-to-action quotes, culled from recent leadership blogs we’ve read.  They’re longer in length, but just as insightful as the succinct quotes from our earlier post. We like these because they neatly summarize the crux of the articles from which they’re pulled – but we like them even more because they offer a noticeable “nudge”. As we ease into the second month of 2015, these are quotes that don’t allow us to get too comfortable; these ideas push us — to try harder, go farther, be better. Enjoy:

Mary Jo Asmus Quote

Where This Quote is From: This quote, which asks us to remain humble as we endeavor to improve, is from a recent blog post, “How to be More Open.” The piece is by workplace expert, Mary Jo Asmus, who is the Founder of Aspire Collaborative Services and a former executive in a Fortune 100 company. Read her blog often for fresh leadership insights.

Bill George Leadership Quote


Where This Quote is From: This quote, which firmly reminds us how crucial the act of earning trust is to our effectiveness, is from a recent article in TRUST Magazine, “Trust as the Essence of Leadership.” Bill George authored this piece after being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Trust Across America. In this article, George compels leaders to connect with their true purpose, and to lead authentically, if they hope to inspire faith in their stewardship. The full text is very much worth a read.

Seth Godin Quote


Where This Quote is From: Believe it or not, this quote is the entire text of a recent blog post by marketing expert and author Seth Godin, “Lulled.” If you do not currently read Godin’s blog, you should consider exploring it. His often haiku-esque ruminations on business, marketing, leadership, and personal growth offer inspiration to readers across industries — usually in much fewer words than other blogs, but with just as much power. Here, he starkly asks us to stretch beyond the ordinary.

Michael Hyatt Leadership Quote

Where This Quote is From: This quote, which reminds us that challenging emotions are no excuse for abandoning our goals, comes from  a timely post on Michael Hyatt’s blog, “4 Ways to Beat the Resistance and Reach Your Goals This Year: How to Overcome What’s Holding You Back.” Hyatt provides four practical ways to overcome the internal resistance we face when working towards big things. With these tips in hand, we have absolutely no justification for quitting when things get tough — we can only keep going!

What are some motivating quotes from recent articles you’ve read? Which blog posts should we read for a good, strong push in the right direction? Share in the comments.

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