Admissions and Cancellation Policy


Admission Criteria
The Blueprint Virtual Boot Camp is designed for high-potential leaders who aspire to become bigger contributors. Attendees should have at least one direct report and substantial decision making influence. As every company is different, we are happy to work with organizations to determine which of their employees would be the best fit for Boot Camp.

Doug and ConantLeadership expect that participants will complete pre-program activities, which include: completion of the pre-work in our program workbook (approximately 9 hours of dedicated time), joining Doug’s pre-program prep call (or listening to the recording), calling into a Welcome Call with the group, participating in a pre-program triad call, and attending a 15-minute call with ConantLeadership staff. Participants are expected to attend the full two-day program virtually, immerse themselves completely in the experience, and free themselves of all other obligations while the program is in session. Attendees are encouraged to take advantage of the one-on-one mentorship session with Doug following completion of the course and submission of the personal leadership model they design during the program. 

Admissions Process

To maximize classroom participation and direct communication with Doug, each program is limited to 40 people, so early application is encouraged.

ConantLeadership awards a certificate upon the successful completion of the program.

2023 pricing: $3,500
Price covers tuition, copy of The Blueprint, course materials, and a one-on-one mentorship session with Doug. Payment due upon at time of registration on our website. Or full payment is due within 30 days if invoiced through your company. If the participant is enrolling within 30 days of the program’s start date, full payment is upon receipt of invoice. Contact us to learn about group pricing.

Cancellation Policy

Because attendance at the ConantLeadership Boot Camp program requires significant advance preparation, it is important that participants contact us in a timely manner if they must cancel or defer attendance.

  • To receive a full refund, notice of cancellation must be received at least 60 days in advance of the program start date.
  • Participants who cancel between 40 and 60 days in advance of the program will not receive a refund but may nominate an acceptable substitute or attend a future session of the same program within one year.
  • Due to the complexity of the program and the importance of the 3-person workgroups, we are unable to accommodate any cancellations or deferments less than 30 days before the program.  

Contact Emma Summers, Head of Training Programs, at emma@conantleadership.com with questions or concerns.