About ConantLeadership

ConantLeadership is a mission-driven community of leaders and learners who are championing leadership that works in the 21st century.

Doug ConantWe were founded  in 2011 by Douglas R. Conant, an experienced Fortune 500 CEO with over 40 years of leadership experience at world-class global companies. It is our promise to champion leadership that works in the 21st century. It is our pledge to empower you with the tools to influence people with honor. It is our passion to help you deliver superior performance with high-impact leadership practices.

Announcing 1 million dollars in philanthropic giving
ConantLeadership's Commitment to Philanthropic Giving

In service to our mission of championing leadership that works, ConantLeadership has surpassed 1 Million dollars in philanthropic giving.

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Our leadership premise:

The craft of leadership is the art and science of influencing others.  The 21st century is unfolding at an unprecedented pace with exponential complexity.  Mastering this craft in the new millennium demands an understanding of both enduring leadership principles and innovative, high-impact leadership practices for delivery of superior performance. We are dedicated to an evolved leadership approach that is:

  • Anchored in the 7 practice areas of the ConantLeadership Flywheel
  • Tough-minded on standards and tender-hearted with people
  • Devoted to the spirited pursuit of high performance
  • Focused on continuous improvement
  • Committed to creating value for all stakeholders
  • Vigilant about winning in the workplace to win in the marketplace
  • Steeped in the spirit of “How Can I Help?”
  • Humble, brave, and authentic

The journey is challenging and the demands are formidable, but when leaders are equipped with the tools for continuously improving their leadership profile in an authentic way — the level of fulfillment can be profound and abiding. It is our promise to help you live leadership that works in the here-and-now and to empower you to influence people with honor.

Join us and let’s get to work!

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