Leadership Development

Learn to Lead Like Only YOU Can

Unlock Your Full Leadership Potential

Whether you are a seasoned leader or aspiring to become the leader you’ve always dreamed you could be, ConantLeadership’s mission is to provide you with the training and tools to unlock your full leadership potential. Learn about the¬†powerful ways you can engage with our suite of leadership development programs, across price points and time commitments.


Our elite level 2-day leadership offering, featuring highly interactive training with Doug Conant and a community of your leadership peers, followed by a year of personal mentorship.

STEPS for Admin Professionals

BLUEPRINT centered leadership training for Administrative Professionals, this online course honors Admins as influencers and leaders in their organizations and helps them develop their personal leadership approach.

BLUEPRINT Coaching Series

Online leadership learning series that acts as a companion to our book, The BLUEPRINT and is taught by Doug Conant, who guides you through each of the 6 practical steps in the BLUEPRINT process.

Speaking Engagements

Doug is now offering virtual speaking engagements. ConantLeadership works collaboratively with your event organizers to customize his material for each audience.