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8 Inspiring Leadership Links for a Productive New Year

by | Dec 31, 2019

Today we dispatched the December edition of our Leadership That Works newslettera curated digest of inspiring leadership links, sent at the end of each monthFor the final edition of the year, we compiled articles in the style of new year’s resolutions. Each link contains a goal, insight, or piece of advice that will help you make 2020 your most prosperous and productive year yetIn these 8 inspiring leadership links for a productive new year: Build better relationships, be yourself, fight gender bias, and more.  As alwayswe’re sharing the articles from our newsletter here in case you’re not subscribed to our mailing list. If you like what you see, you can sign up to receive our newsletter here.

Build Better Relationships

Effective leadership is contingent on high-trust, high-performance relationships. Without other people, we can’t accomplish much. People are depending on us, just as we are depending on them. So how to deepen our connections and create productive and fulfilling relationships in the new year? TED compiled expert advice from seven different speakers in this helpful post to empower you to cultivate high quality and lasting connections.

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Fight Gender Bias

More inclusive and diverse companies perform better in the marketplace. Yet pervasive inequity persists. How to combat this in 2020? Three business executives share their recommendations and experience on combating gender biases in this actionable MIT Sloan School of Management piece. Tips to put into practice in the new year include acclimating to uncomfortable conversations, being a champion for others, and more.

See into the Future

“Futurism is all around us, even if we usually don’t notice it. When it comes to the weather, economic cycles or the next election, forecasting is normal and expected,” writes Devon Powers in this fascinating Washington Post piece. What is Futurism? Popularized by Faith Popcorn, who runs the futurist consultancy BrainReserve, futurism is the study and management of the future. Futurists’ predictions can help leaders “coin a language for what people experience, ultimately shaping the future and our expectations.” If you want to be prepared for whatever 2020 and beyond might bring, look to the professional forecasters who are simultaneously molding and foreseeing what lies ahead.

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Hire like Warren Buffet

Integrity is a key character trait that Warren Buffet, the “Oracle of Omaha,” seeks in the people he hires—and Buffet’s continued success is the stuff of legend, so he must be doing something right. Hiring for integrity seems like common sense in theory but is often overlooked in practice. Not sure if you’re hiring high-integrity individuals? Explore this helpful Inc. article with advice and six compelling reasons for leveling up your hiring criteria in the new year.

Do Your Homework

The best leaders are continually seeking insight and learning from their fellow leaders and colleagues as well as industry experts; to be your best in 2020, you’ve got to do your homework. To that end, Harvard Business Review has rounded up their ten favorite management articles from 2019 in this enlightening post; the leadership advice here ranges from how to give a persuasive presentation, to how to make work purposeful, to how to have a tough conversation, and everything in between. Explore all ten of their curated end-of-year articles to get prepared for all the leadership challenges and opportunities you may face in the new year.

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Think Small

Intuition often tells busy workers to complete easy tasks first while pushing off more difficult tasks for a later date when time allows for the requisite diligence and focus needed to do hard things. But new research covered in this interesting Kellogg Insight article says today’s swamped leaders might benefit from the opposite approach. Avoidance of harder to-dos may actually stifle growth and dampen learning opportunities. So how to prioritize difficult stuff in your busy workweek in the new year? The trick lies in parceling big projects into little, manageable steps. Says the piece: “Breaking down complex projects into small milestones can help give workers the completion high they get from easy tasks while still supplying the challenge and opportunities for development.” Something to try in 2020.

Find Your Motivation

If you fell short of achieving some of your goals in 2019, don’t get discouraged. Instead, to do better in the new year, “get to the root of the issue by tapping into your intrinsic and extrinsic motivations,” explains this forward-thinking Fast Company post. This helps you discover the goals that you can fully devote yourself to, the things “you can’t shake,” and those are the projects that will allow you to sustain momentum in 2020.

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Be Yourself

In this compelling CO by U.S. Chamber of Commerce Q&A, ConantLeadership Founder Doug Conant writes: “Today’s leaders are swamped. They’re overwhelmed by a deluge of competing priorities and unprecedented complexity. On top of that, they don’t feel like they can be themselves. They compartmentalize, developing a ‘work’ identity and personal’ identity — and the two are at odds. Managing the tension created by this compartmentalization becomes yet another task in a never-ending litany of to-dos and pressures.”  But it does not have to be this way. In fact, Doug explains, “the best way to be a great boss is by being more fully yourself and striving to do better each day.” To unlock your full leadership potential in 2020, explore Doug’s guidance for coming into yourself and leading more authentically in the full post here.

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