Fellow leadership champion and prolific blogger, Dan Rockwell, recently invited several top leaders, authors, and bloggers to share their wisdom with his Leadership Freak readers. Our Founder, Douglas R. Conant, was happy to contribute a guest post with short, actionable insights that can help leaders better execute and bring their goals to life. He chose this topic because many leaders understand the importance of designing a strategy and setting objectives. But bringing those objectives to fruition can be challenging. A framework for exploring our approach to goals can help.

The 5 questions that can help ensure strong execution of key goals are :

1. Are we starting with an abundance mentality?

When you take the word “or” out of your vocabulary, and embrace the word “and” instead, the possibilities become limitless.

2. Are we pursuing a worthy purpose?

When you understand the “why”, you’ll connect more deeply with the “what” that your goals require.

3. Are we dispelling ambiguity?

When you minimize confusion, you get the best results.

4. Are we rallying resources?

When you rally the right resources, you can ensure the right stuff gets done.

5. Are we “inspecting what we expect”?

When you shine a light on expectations, people rise to the challenge, and keep getting better.

Doug explores the specific steps to answering these crucial questions more fully on the Leadership Freak blog— check out the guest post in its entirety here