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21 Tweets That Will Instantly Inspire You to Live & Lead Better

Thanks to Shakespeare, we know that brevity is the soul of wit. Twitter seems determined to conjure that wit with its 140 character limit. We’re glad. Being brief can sharpen our thinking and allow our insights to shine more brightly than they might if we had more space to elaborate. Proving that point — here are twenty one perfectly concise and wise-beyond-their-length tweets that will provide an instant dose of inspiration to help you live and lead better.

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1. Simon Sinek on trust and empowerment:

2. Amy Cuddy on self-management:

3. Adam Grant on leaving a legacy of contribution:

4. Elaine Perry with a Beckett quote on perseverance:

5. Vala Afshar on leading the life we truly want:

6. Susan Cain with a quote on what’s important:

7. Richard Branson on the power of business to help build a better world:

8. Alli Polin on taking action:

9. Michael McKinney on the importance of purpose:

10. Steve Gutzler on a winning vocabulary:

11. Michelle Reina on the power of choice in each moment:

12. Oprah on learning from adversity:

13. S. Max Brown on valuing the people in our organizations:

14. Russell Simmons on working towards your goals:

15. Robin Sharma on continually pursuing learning and growth:

16. Susan Mazza on staying focused:

17. John Maeda on being proactive:

18. Marianne Williamson on taking a stand:

19. Martha Beck on getting out of your comfort zone:

20. The late Dr. Maya Angelou on achieving greatness:

21. Our fearless leader, Doug Conant, on leading change:

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