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August’s Most Captivating Leadership Links

by | Aug 31, 2016

Today we dispatched the August edition of our Leadership That Works Newslettera curated digest of the best leadership links from around the web, compiled by the enthusiastic leadership wonks here at ConantLeadership, and sent at the end of each month. As alwayswe’ve also compiled the articles from our newsletter here in case you’re not subscribed to our mailing list but still want to explore captivating leadership insights. In this month’s links: the power of belief, what people who get CEO jobs have in common, tips for connecting more authentically — and much more. (If you like what you see, you can sign up to receive our newsletter here).

Rules for 2016 Leaders, from 1483.

Chivalry may be lost to a bygone era — but the “20 Rules for Knights” shared in this interesting Farnam Street post offer timeless and sage advice for leaders living in any era, especially our own. Among the highlights: Humility, Gratitude, Discipline, and Honesty.

How to Have Great Ideas. 

In this fascinating McKinsey interview, Wharton professor and author, Adam Grant, imparts six practical secrets to generating better and more original ideas.

You Can’t Connect if You’re Holding Back. 

In this Leader Chat post are three practical tips for defining your “Leadership Point of View” (LPOV) and sharing it effectively. Why is sharing your LPOV important? Coaching experts say it’s essential for creating authentic connections with people.

Having a Good Temperament Is Your Job. 

Behaviors aren’t hard-wired or innate, and you are responsible for the way you act, argues Seth Godin in this short but compelling post. What’s more, he frames temperament as a skill for which leaders must take ownership.

If You Believe It, You Really Can Achieve It.

“Your expectations, more than anything else in life, determine your reality” writes Travis Bradberry in this Forbes post about the power of your beliefs. He encourages leaders to be more aware of their thoughts and expectations, and shares eight unrealistic expectations that can be damaging.

The 4 Traits of People Who Land CEO Jobs.

In a new study covered in this Strategy + Business post, researchers assessed over 2,600 candidates for top management positions and identified the four areas that people who got hired for CEO jobs excelled in. Hint: interpersonal skills really, really do matter.

Lead Like An Olympian.

In this inspiring post, Dr. Douglas A. Wilson shares three key competencies found in Olympic teams that leaders can learn from and emulate.

A Simple “Recipe” for Charisma. 

You’ve likely encountered leaders with qualities that author Mary Jo Asmus describes as, “difficult to describe but appealing and effective.” This hard-to-define blend of “intangible” characteristics is also called “charisma”; four of these key “intangible” qualities are broken down in this post.

Ask These 3 Questions to Test Your Integrity. 

Peter Drucker referred to integrity as “the final requirement of effective leadership.” How do you know if you’re measuring up? Ask yourself the three questions explained in this John C. Maxwell post.

Bruce Lee on Learning.

“Learning is a constant process of discovery and never a concluding one” is just one of the insights on the importance of learning shared in this Brain Pickings post about famous martial art’s master, Bruce Lee’s, philosophy on learning and growth. Interesting for leaders of all levels.

Leadership Decoded.

While this link is not from this August, or even this year, it’s worth revisiting time and again because it so clearly and succinctly provides research-backed evidence for decoding the four behaviors that definitively contribute to effective leadership. A great read from our article “archives.”

What were some of the best posts you read this month? 

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