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Create Direction

How to Choose Goals That Motivate and Inspire Your Team

Do you know how to choose goals that energize your organization in a productive way? There are 3 key things to consider.

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A CEO Manifesto for Better Meetings

Meetings are a big part of a CEO’s life. So I’ve developed very clear guidelines to make them work. Here’s my CEO manifesto for better meetings.

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Do Your People Know Which Way to Go?

As a leader, you have to clearly and succinctly answer the question, “which way?” before you can hope to show them “how high.” You must create direction.

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Patti Johnson Shares The Secrets For Leading Change

Many leaders are faced with effecting large-scale changes in their organizations – Patti Johnson shares secrets for leading change.

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Leaders: Do These 3 Things To Make Every Interaction Count

As leaders — how do we make each moment count? There are three components to an effective TouchPoint.

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