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Our New Mission

by | Jan 28, 2016

It is our belief at ConantLeadership that you either grow or you die. Continual learning, change, and practice are at the heart of our work. We know that we can and must do better – always. In this spirit, it is time for ConantLeadership to take a bold step forward: a move towards better growth, better leadership, a newly energized community. So we’re evolving our mission – and the resulting approach to our work. We’re very excited about it. And we hope you will be too.

A little background:

Experienced Fortune 500 CEO, Doug Conant, founded ConantLeadership in 2011 with the mission of helping improve the quality of leadership in the 21st century. Under his stewardship, we have worked to bring this mission to life by being the “helpers” in the lives of leaders from all walks of life. Leadership is hard and pressing work; we are honored to help people do it well. To this end, we have pledged to develop a suite of engaging leadership content that empowers people to lead effectively in the new millennium. We felt called to share the expertise that Doug has amassed in his over 40 years of leadership experience at world-class global companies. And we went forth with the mandate to leverage his expertise to help leaders lead.

We can and must do better – always.

In the years since we started this journey we have grown a community of dedicated leaders – and we’ve learned a lot. We’ve had the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of our work, to further distill its purpose, and to evolve our mission. We are proud of where we started. But as the 21st century unfolds around us at an unprecedented pace, with fierce complexity, we have become aware of a need to raise the bar. And we have excitedly been working to meet that need, ruminating on our principles, and further clarifying our values.

So here we are. Ready to do better.

We remain dedicated to helping improve the quality of leadership in a challenging and dynamic world. Helping leaders hone their craft is gratifying and urgent work. But we want to do it more completely – and with a clearer emphasis on competence, outcome, and performance. We are devoted to Leadership That Works.

Our New Mission is:

Championing Leadership That Works in the 21st Century.

Leadership That Works is:

  • Anchored in the 7 practice areas of the ConantLeadership Flywheel
  • Tough-minded on standards and tender-hearted with people
  • Devoted to the spirited pursuit of high performance
  • Focused on continuous improvement
  • Committed to creating value for all stakeholders
  • Vigilant about winning in the workplace to win in the marketplace
  • Steeped in the spirit of “How Can I Help?”
  • Humble, brave, and authentic

Ultimately, leadership is about getting things done. We no longer want to merely help. We want to passionately advocate. We don’t just want to nudge people to do a little better. We want to challenge people to aspire to higher performance. We don’t just want to encourage. We want to empower leaders to serve with greater impact. We no longer want to gently guide. We want to be your champion, in the arena with you. We are inspired by a higher ambition to be in your corner as you do the hard, courageous, rewarding work of leadership. And we expect big things from you.

We want to be your champion. We’re in this together.

Today’s leaders need an evolved approach that expects competence, honors people, celebrates kindness, and demands high performance. Each person’s leadership journey is unique and challenging, but when you are equipped with the tools for continual growth and achievement – you are poised to experience a level of fulfillment that is profound and abiding. We want to be your champion. We’re in this together. We’re right by your side. It is our promise to help you live leadership that works in the 21st century. Join us as we forge and nurture a bold community mobilized around leadership that works today.

Know somebody amazing? Nominate them for recognition as a champion of leadership that works.

Have an idea for how we can further champion leadership that works? Drop us a line and let’s get to work

Doug Conant is remarkable—and so is this work.
– Stephen M. R. Covey
Author of The Speed of Trust

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