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A unique opportunity to learn from Doug Conant, a successful Fortune 500 CEO and chairman, Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Top 15 Leadership Guru, Top 100 Most Influential Author in the World, and NYT Best Seller

Leadership Quick Tips with Doug Conant

Doug Conant, Founder of ConantLeadership, former CEO of Campbell Soup Company, and former President of Nabisco Foods, shares his quick tips for developing successful leadership skills.

6 Practical Steps to Lift Your Leadership to New Heights

Part leadership manifesto, part practical manual, Doug Conant teaches leaders how to work through 6 incremental steps to lift their leadership and make meaningful change in their organizations and in the world. Joy, fulfillment, and impact are just 6 steps away.

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The Blueprint By Douglas Conant and Amy Federman

Doug Conant’s, The Blueprint: 6 Practical Steps to Lift Your Leadership to New Heights

Doug Conant’s Blueprint teaches leaders how to work through the same six steps that he used to transform his journey. The six steps are manageable and incremental, designed to fit practically within the pace of busy modern life.


Join Doug Conant and an intimate group of high-potential leaders from around the globe as he leads you through the work you need to do on the inside to help build a better world on the outside.

This is a personal investment that is lifelong and rewarding, but more importantly, it prepares you to build a better world for generations to come.

Learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime leadership learning experience.

Doug Conant

About Doug Conant

Douglas R. Conant is an internationally renowned business leader, New York Times bestselling author, keynote speaker, and social media influencer with over 40 years of leadership experience at world-class global companies.  He is the only former Fortune 500 CEO who is a Top 100 Leadership Speaker, a Top 15 Leadership Guru, and a Top 100 Most Influential Author in the World. 

ConantLeadership is a mission-driven community of leaders and leaners who are championing leadership that works in the 21st century.