ConantLeadership Flywheel Overview

About the ConantLeadership Flywheel

The key to Leadership That Works is found in the 8 connected practice areas of the ConantLeadership Flywheel. We champion this high-impact model, based on 40 years of leadership experience and study, as a highly effective way for 21st century leaders to deliver enduring value to all stakeholders.

Inspire Trust

Earn the confidence of all stakeholders

Honor. Declare. Uphold.


Clarify Higher Purpose

Craft an inspiring ‘calling’ that resonates with all stakeholders and delivers economic and social value.

Craft. Champion. Ensure.


Create Direction

Develop a competitively advantaged direction for advancing the agenda.

Confront. Build. Dispel.


Drive Alignment

Organize and leverage all resources to advance the agenda in a quality way.

Organize. Establish. Confirm.


Build Vitality

Motivate all to be fully engaged in advancing the direction in a way that honors all stakeholders.

Energize. Celebrate. Challenge.


Execute with Excellence

Assure the direction is executed with excellence — course-correcting as needed.

Implement. Measure. Adapt.


Produce Extraordinary Results

Meet or exceed performance expectations.


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